You can take the boy out of the farm but not the farm out of the boy! Tim Brown, the Practice owner, farm 250 acres in a beautiful valley near Dursley. Tim is a farmer’s son and grew up with a dairy herd, which he milked and managed until breaking his leg playing rugby in 2001. Having made the switch to accountancy and training with a firm of agricultural accountants, there was always a natural specialism that Tim could bring to the table. In 2013 Tim took over management of the family suckler herd, which now consists of around 60 British Blue sucklers and a big Aberdeen Angus bull that produce quality store animals for market.

Tim’s recent re-engagement with the farm has furthered his insight into agriculture and made him acutely aware of some of the day to day issues that farmers are having to face. This includes a wider understanding of some of the unusual aspects of farming business’ such as family relationships and the overriding importance of taking care of animals and crops.

So if you are a farmer looking for someone who is straight talking, not looking to blind you with jargon and able to talk exactly the same language then please get in touch to join our growing base of farming clients.

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